Robotic Nation is happening right before our very eyes 2...

Were the Good Old Days That Good?

From the article:"There is no question that a huge gap has opened up between productivity and living standards." As mentioned in Robotic Nation is happening right before out very eyes, this is the essence of the Robotic Nation. Automation and robots replace people, causing employment and wages to fall and the Concentration of wealth to rise.

Marshall, I am glad that you recognize these seemingly insignificant changes that most people gloss over when denying your predictions will ever come true. Recognizing change is more than just highlighting sensational and obvious news. It is seeing the subtle changes occuring in the background and herald much more fundamental paradigm shifts. Teasing out what is significant about a rise in productivity and profits even as employment rates stagnate is not easy, and I think that talent is what impresses me the most about your work on this subject. This skill is similar to the "globalist" approach Thomas L. Friedman takes in his examination of globalization and the flattening Earth. The results, however, are often the most difficult to articulate to the layperson, and the most difficult for them to accept.
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