Read the story again? Sure. Computers don't get tired.

Read the story again? Sure. Computers don't get tired.: "For all those parents whose voices have grown hoarse sounding out the rhymes in their child's favorite picture book 'just one more time,' some reinforcements have arrived.

One More Story is a new online library where children can choose a book - complete with narration, highlighted text, and the book's original illustrations - and listen as they read along on the computer.

Creators Carl Teitelbaum and Rona Roth see it as an opportunity to bring literature to an electronically inundated generation. Aimed at the home rather than the educational sphere, it's the first website to deliver popular children's books along with music and sound effects, says Jim Eber, a spokesman for One More Story (www.onemorestory.com)."

It does not seem that this is any different than using a DVD as a babysitter, but it is another form of technological babysitting.

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