Robotics: Grow Up!

Robotics: Grow Up!

From the article: The roomba is blind, it has no hands, and it has no idea what it is doing. It solves one specific problem in a very simple way, making it inexpensive enough for many people to afford.

The thing that is holding robots back is the fact that, to do most "normal" problems around the house that people would like to do (e.g. doing the laundry, washing the dishes, dusting, painting, picking up the kid's toys, vacuuming the stairs, etc.) you need to have a good vision system, good hands and a certain amount of intelligence/trainability (e.g. - put Bobby's shirts on hangers in this closet).

Right now, we don't have the processing power for the vision system, and we are still working on the notion of intelligence. In 20 to 30 years we will have all the processing power we need, and at that point robots will explode. See Robotic Nation for details.

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