In-body fuel cells

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From the article:The Vertebrane system in Manna is powered by a system like this.

This technology could be used to help the morbidly obese lose weight. It could burn excess glucose in the blood so that it doesn't become fat.
Wow...I didn't see this comming, but it seems that in the future robots will be made of living tissue and organs and not metals and plastics.
I heard an idea: "Bioroid."

Imagine a full grown person, only they have never had a brain, from the time they were born: It was all computers in the head.

The computers do not need to be complicated; They only need to send/receive signals received wirelessly. (Some on-board real-time processing required.)

You could say, "Oh, I forgot lunch at home," and tell it to go jog 30 miles to go get it for you, and bring it to you by lunch time.

How do you charge it? Grapes. Onions. Cucumber. Bread.

Maybe it carries a backpack full of Cheetoes, or something, for when it gets low.

Come to think of it though, by this point, we probably don't need to go anywhere.

We're probably just brains floating in vats at that point, in little 3'x3' cubes stacked up in a tall tower.

-- Lion Kimbro
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