Using ultrasound to trigger the senses

Sony aims to beam sights, sounds into brain

From the article:Personally I think that Vertebrane and Vite Racks will be the path we ultimately follow, but stuff like this would be an intermediate step.

these technologies will ultimatly be used to enslave the human race. Comerials beamed directly into your brain as you walk down the street, home land security watching or creating your dreams. The vertibrainsystem if implemented with in the us would have a disasterous affect on our rights and civil liberties. Hackers chould get into your system and steal your body, leaving you imprisined within your brain while your body comits atrositys. Also what about when a government is compleatly wrong or clearly evil... this has the potential to make thought police from 1984 a plesent alternitive. The breakdown of our society has already begun, be must do everything we can to maintain our freedom.
Furthermore wouldn’t it be much more efficient and cost affective for them to stick every one in a permanent dream? We’d never know... also producing quality products like food that tastes good will no longer be necessary, neither will be human interaction... we must think of the consequences that products produced by the corporations will have on society.
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