Managing a baseball team with a robot

The robot as manager; it does not compute

The article is discussing the idea that a computer could manage a baseball team. From the article:The author comes to the conclusion that this would not work because of the need to handle "human emotions." But you can codify the emotional factors just as easily and let the computer handle them as well (see Robots interviewing job applicants and robots and the right brain).

Need to directly connect with the plater's emotions to motivate them? The traditional way is a screaming manager. Instead, slap a headset on each player as in Manna. Have the computer manager whisper in the players' ears using words and phrases that have been found -- through extensive psychological testing -- to cause the greatest degree of human motivation in high-performance athletes.

The majority of humans will be managed by robots much sooner than we think. See Manna for details.

House building robots: http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/04/10/0424214
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