Robots at work

Send in the robots

From the article:See Robotic Nation for details.

Marshall you are so right. I'm in the travel industry and I can't begin to tell you how much has changed in terms of automation.

If you get a ticket on a carrier, you have machines that ticket them with no need to human calculation. Get this. Say you have a sale fare 14 day advance purchase. Say you purchase the ticket and now want to change the return flight. The computer scans the fare type, calculates the difference, tells you how much the increase in fare is, charges your credit card and you are off. You get to the airport, go up to the machine, slip your credit card in, get a boarding pass printed, and then just deposit your luggage on the belt. The only person there, is there in case you have a problem with the kiosk machine and to give you luggage claim tags. Soon you won't see a soul at check in. They will be able to scan your passport and everything. Security will only be required, and soon, who knows if even they will be needed.
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