Better battery breakthrough?


From the press release:If true, then this should do a lot to help robots, as well as laptops, PDAs, cell phones and electric cars. A 300% increase in battery life would be a huge breakthrough in an industry that normally sees only about a 5% increase each year.

If this is true it will change the world!
Altair is traded on the NASDAQ exchange. The symbol is ALTI.
Be wary of a company's own press releases, especially one so laden with 'nano' prefixes.

This should make hot-swapping a much more viable option.
Actually i believe this press release was interpreted wrongly by many. Its not the battery capacity ( ie, power density ) that they managed to increase, but battery internal resistance went down a long drop thus increasing available max current and decreasing recharge times.
Nevertheless, its definitely good for lithium-ion powered battery electric vehciles for instance
We may be just a bit closer to seeing this technology. Altair just began shipments of their Li-Titainum nanomaterials to China's Advanced Battery Technologies for production of batteries for their electric auto/bus industries. It is believed that the new batteries will power a vehicle for up to 250 miles per charge, last up to as many as 20,000 charges vs 1,000 for current technology and a recharge time of about 5 minutes instead of hours.

Hopefully it won't be long before an American company bites.
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