Tomato-picking robots

Ohio State University develops robotic tomato harvester for the J.F. Kennedy Space Center

Further research in robotic farming is being helped by NASA of all people. According to the article:Also:There are plans to expand the research into other fruit crops like apples and oranges.

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Dear Sir,

I am an android enthusiast (robotics have fascinated me since I can remember), and I have just now discovered this site, though in the past I have been a tremendous fan of your previous endeavors at the "how stuff works" site. I see many incredible achievements in this field, and I'm glad they're getting posted, even though they're not getting media recognition and attention. I foresee technology such as this being the primary factor in setting up biosphere-like stations on other planetary bodies or deep-space missions. Frankly, I think it's been far too long that we've ignored these developments and the possibilities within.
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