Three more reasons pilots will be replaced by robots

Robotic Nation predicts that pilots will be replaced by robots on commerical flights by 2015. However, it may be sooner than that...If a robot can do the job, human beings are out the door. Pilots, unfortunately, are about to see their jobs vanish.

What will pilots do once they are fired? See also this post.

Not true, maybe in 50 years but when autopilot still turns off in turbulence and instrument errors still happen it will take time plus it will cost 450 billion to replace visual runways with ILS system. And pilots still have to turn off autopilot at 500 ft and land manually. I also don't think people would want to fly in a plane with a computer flying, it has ended bad in the past (air France robot a320 disaster).
- Cpt Rohan Shitole
Jet Airways. 777 -300er
"Air crews look at radiation risk from flying" - Really? Are they going to replace the air hostesses with robots too? And if the radiation is so bad, why don't they replace the passengers with robots while they're at it?

"Pilots Charged With Being Drunk In Cockpit" - A drunken pilot or a machine pilot built by the lowest bidder and running an operating system created by Microsoft... hmmm, I think I'll take my chances with the former.

"Delta pilots await contract talks" - They'll have to cut their spending a lot more if they are going to foot the bloated bills delivered to them by the fatcat executives that sell the robot pilots anyway, so I don't see a win here, either.
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