Red light cameras spreading rapidly

Red-Light Camera Busts Cheating Wife

From the article:Imagine how this trend develops. "Red light cameras" will be installed at every intersection. The reason they can spread so rapidly is because they generate revenue -- these robots are self-funded. [Similarly, there are already lots of "toll cameras" used to detect people who do not pay at toll booths.] Then there will be "gridlock cameras" that target people who block busy intersections between lights. Then there will be "speeding cameras" along every stretch of roadway. "Parking cameras" will keep track of every car in a parking lot. There will be cameras tracking cars as they enter every subdivision and apartment complex in order to deter crime. Pretty soon the location of your car will be known every minute of every day.

Then the same thing will happen, using facial recognition and similar technologies, to everyone traveling on foot. As you walk into a mall, a store, an office building, a campus, etc., you will be identified and cataloged.

Then the same thing will happen to protect vulnerable resources. We will see robotic cameras and sentries protecting oil pipelines, rail lines, lakes, power plants, electrical transmission lines and substations, airports, highways and bridges, etc.

In general, this will be a good thing because it will bring an end to anonymous crime and terrorism as we know it today. It will also be our introduction to robotic police. We are already acclimating ourselves to red light cameras -- the first form of widespread robotic policing. In not too many years we will be acclimating ourselves to autonomous humanoid police officers.

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