Why robots will replace pilots sooner rather than later

Airliner lands at wrong airport

From the article:Oops. The pilot landed at the wrong airport.

Pilot error is a big problem in today's aviation industry, just as human drivers are the leading cause of death on our highways. As soon as robotic intelligence is available to replace pilots, truck drivers, taxi drivers, Fedex drivers and postal workers, those jobs will be automated out of existance and 5 million people will be out of work. It will happen sooner rather than later, for both economic and safety reasons. Pilots and truck drivers are incredibly expensive. 40,000 deaths per year on our highways will be eliminated once human's are removed from the driver's seat.

What will those 5 million workers do when their jobs evaporate? See this post, this post and Robotic Nation for details.

hey marshall, im a big reader of your articles in howstuffworks.com. im aspiring to become a pilot, possibly airline pilot, do you think its a wise time to start now? how long do you think in our lifetimes there is before pilots are completely replaced become "less prestiged", do you think its more likely that technology would make it more challenging to pilot or easier to pilot if they're not replaced?
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