Controlling video games with thought

This article discusses a first step toward the Vertebrane system:

Mind over video game

From the article:Also:This is nice, but it has its limits. The human body has hundreds of muscles that the brain controls, and it will not be possible to replicate that type of intricacy with electrodes on the surface of the brain. By tapping right into the spinal cord, the Vertebrane system gets all the data heading for the muscles. In addition, the Vertebrane system allows for data input as well -- touch, smell, vision, hearing, etc.

Once people are controlling video games with their thoughts, they will like it. They will want a richer and richer experience. Eventually they will want a completely seamless experience with the Vertebrane system, where it is impossible to differentiate the game world from real life.

[Power implant aims to run on body heat -- a new way to power implanted devices like Vertebrane.]

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