Robots grading essay questions

You would think that "grading essay questions" is something that computers would not be doing anytime soon. Yet they are already doing it now. And students prefer robotic graders to human graders.

Indiana Essays Being Graded by Computers

From the article:Also:Teachers -- like doctors and nurses, truck drivers and pilots -- are expensive. So there is huge economic pressure to eliminate them. This new grading technology will advance rapidly, and its combination with computer-based training and robotic teachers will lead to the elimination of several million teaching jobs by 2020 or so.

The fascinating question is this: what will the millions of teachers, truck drivers, nurses and pilots do in this new robotic economy once they lose their jobs?

Although I am a teacher. I don't have a problem with using robots in this case. As a graduate student I have come to realize that teachers take too long. They don't want to help you because they want you to magically find the answer yourself. The longer you are there the longer they get paid. They won't tell you how to fix things so you can move on. Sometimes the turn around for a paper is two weeks to a month. And of course they have to have holidays. Some academics want to take a lifetime researching but in the real world people want productivity performance for a paycheck. I teach people how to use computers. There must be at least one human to run things, so maybe they won't get rid of me yet.
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