A shift in thinking - robots are now better than people

There is an Apple ad in Scientific American magazine. The headline for the ad is, "The dawn of a new PC era. The 64-bit processor." Here's part of the text from the ad:The "untouched by human hands" line is interesting. We can assume that these ads have been through a dozen focus groups and numerous other forms of vetting and tweaking before publication, so the "untouched by human hands" line must strongly resonate with consumers.

In other words, humans have already started to see humans as a liability rather than an asset. Robots are now better than people.

It is easy to imagine the "untouched by human hands" line transferring to lots of other businesses. For example, McDonald's could cook all the food robotically and advertise that your meal is "untouched by human hands". An airline could advertise that the controls of the airplane are "untouched by human hands". Your new clothes could be manufactured in a robotic factory "untouched by human hands". So could your new car. And so on.

This trend will be a key driver for the Robotic Nation. When robots are better than people, it is easy to hire robots.

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