So that's why we have jobless recovery

So that's why we have jobless recovery
What if new jobs never happen?

The article is written by David Broder of the Washington Post. It opens with an introduction to Barney Frank:Then it summarizes Frank's new idea:This is exactly the idea laid out in Robotic Nation. Then the article offers Frank's proposal for a solution:Frank seems to be missing the point of the Robotic Nation. The same technology that is improving productivity/efficiency and eliminating jobs today will soon affect every aspect of the employment landscape. It will affect police officers, fire fighters, highway construction/repair crews, etc. in exactly the same way. Fewer jobs will be available once robots are doing all the work.

It is time to rethink how the economy works. Instead of taxing wealth and giving the money to government, we should instead give the money directly to citizens for them to spend as they choose. In this way, all citizens acheive true financial freedom and are able to live their lives without jobs. They are free to do as they like. See Robotic Freedom for details.

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