Robots begin two-pronged attack on the symphony

Is nothing sacred??? Robots this week started their attack on jobs at the symphony orchestra, with a two-pronged onslaught designed to eliminate humans from the symphony as quickly as possible. [yes, I am being sarcastic -- still, it is a fascinating development]

First there is QRIO, Sony's small humanoid robot. Sony plans to take the lead in the symphony marketplace by going after the conductor's slot. According to this article:Then, in an unexpected move, Toyota launched a trio of robots, one of which has human-analog lips that will allow Toyota to take over the horn section of orchestras, jazz ensembles and marching bands. According to this Toyota press release:Lots of other articles covered this story, including this one, this one and this one. See also this post.

All kidding aside, the point here is simple: there is truly no limit to what robots will be able to do in the near future. Who would have expected a trumpet-playing robot to appear, especially from a car company? It will not be long before robots are taking over millions of jobs -- even jobs that would seem to be sacred, like the ones in the symphony orchestra. See this post and this one for further details.

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