Extreme monitoring
Mood Ring Measured in Megahertz

From the article:This seems like it would be a logical extension of Manna in white-collar environments. In minimum-wage environments, it would be a way for Manna to infer that the employee might be performing in a sub-par way or is doing something wrong. On airplane flights it might be a way to detect that someone is thinking evil thoughts.

There is a quote later in the article: "I honestly can't see corporations daring to use this monitoring system on their employees. People would not accept this -- it's just plain spooky." This quote neglects the "power of situation". For example, if you are told, "you will lose your job unless you let us wire you up," or "you cannot fly on airplanes unless you let us wire you up", then you will comply.

How many people in 1980 would "accept" the security measures seen in airports today, where you are required to take off your shoes and belt, you are told to unbutton your pants during personal screening, etc.? We accept it today because it happened incrementally and we have no choice -- no one can fly unless he/she submits to this level of intrusion.

Or think about what is happening in Utah. According to
Dossier program alarms Utahns:This is happening now, and the citizens of Utah appear to have little or no control over it.

As robots and automation control more and more human systems, it becomes easier to implement these types of systems. This section from Manna describes one logical conclusion of the process:See Manna for details.

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