The approach of robotic police forces

Police forces are in the process of turning from civilian organizations into military organizations, as explained here:

Cops With Machine Guns: How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police

What is the next step? The military uses robots and drones. Therefore we would expect police forces to use robots and drones. Imagine a protest. Imagine how a civilian police force would manage the situation. Then imagine how a military police force would manage it. Then imagine how robots with the ability to deploy lethal force would approach it. There are two possibilities:

1) If programmed aggressively, the robots incapacitate or kill the protesters.

2) If programmed rationally, the robots might be better at the job than militarized police because robots would execute the rules of engagement perfectly. A peaceful protest would be allowed to proceed. Any unruly members in the protest would be isolated and contained so the remaining protesters are free to go about their business.

The outcome depends on who gets to program the robots.

Marshall, please check out this article on the Shadowhawk police drone, which can be equipped with weapons. http://futureoftech.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/11/03/8618608-texas-cops-get-drone-that-can-carry-weapons

Your comment about a robot being potentially more fair and neutral than human officers is interesting, but unfortunately it looks like we're getting the worst of both worlds for now. The drone will be controlled by police with a joystick, so we get the capabilities of a robot with the temper of a human.
New security robot

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