Robots' time has almost come

The Economist weighs in on robots:

Robots are getting cleverer and more dexterous. Their time has almost come

"Today, thanks to the relentless increase in the power of computing, the latest robots are being fitted with sophisticated systems that enable them to see, feel, move and work together. Robot engineers call this “mechatronics”: the union of mechanics, optics, electronics, computers and software. Some factory robots are now smart enough to be released from their safety cages to work among humans. And as they become cleverer and more dexterous, they are starting to move from factories to offices and homes..."

You can't keep talking about hardware doubling. That is the cop out AI academics are using to collect paychecks until the 2012 - 2015 timeframe when they retire.

AI is a software problem. Solve the software problem and the software will design better hardware faster than humans could have dreamed.

BTW This blog had become dead. I am glad to see new articles!
Am I the only person who thought of the chorus from How the Grinch Stole Christmas when I read the title?

"Robot's time has almost come,
so long as we have hands with thumb." :p
Just come, but when will complete?
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