IBM Unleashes 4.7 GHz POWER6 Microprocessor

IBM Unleashes 4.7 GHz POWER6 Microprocessor

From the article:

Meh. Apple still won't go back to them. They're teh doomed. :D
AI is based on ALU power not FPU power!
If Moore's law continues to hold, then around January 2009 you'll be reporting here on the first 10 GHz chip.

By 2020, the time when Moore's Law is said to reach its physical limits, we'll be seeing chips pass the 1,000 GHz range, which means that, if the price remains stable at a $1,000.00, then for a million dollars one can hyper network 1,000 of these boxes to create a co-processing in parallel machine that can run over a million GHz.

Looked at another way, the cost of GHz of CPU power is now at about $%200 per Ghz, if the $1,000 price point holds it will drop to $1 per GHz, which should please Nicholas Negroponte to no end.

To say that radical changes, in all strata of our society, will result of this rapid increase of CPU processing power is a gross understatement.

That being said, I can't wait until the Sony PS3 gets turned into a handheld unit like the current PSP.
Having the machine is nice, but without software it is intricate sand.

Just getting 1,000 times faster and cheaper does not make AI exist unless someone writes the software.

Noone has written halfway credible software yet or else some billionare would have spent one billion dollors to have the first fully capible artifical intelligence to play with.
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