Intel's Tera-scale initiative

Intel has announced its path toward tera-scale computing, allowing "Teraflops of performance operating on Terabytes of data." The centerpiece of the progra right now is an 80-core demo chip with a radical architecture. Here is a great article with lots of graphics describing Intel's approach:

The Era of Tera: Intel Reveals more about 80-core CPU

Here is a shorter version: Intel pieces together 80-core processor

Power consumption for the chip is in the 60-watt range.

"The first teraflop chips are expected to reach manufacturing stage by 2010 to 2015."

As Moore's law continues, that means that we start seeing Petaflop chips in the 2030 to 2035 range, and at that point we have the processing power of the human brain on a single chip. See Robotic Nation for the implications of such a chip.

Another good article:

Intel plans to unveil superchip
Another good exploit:

Java for Modular AI
I thought Ray Kurzweil's calculations show "human brain" equivalent computing by 2045...?
Kurzweil says human brain processing power will be in a desktop computer in 2019-2020 and actual human brain simulation will occur in 2025-2029.

The singularity is in 2045; civilization is said to be a billion times more intelligent then.
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