UAVs can now land and take off themselves

Fire Scout - VTUAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, USA

From the article:So, the vehicle can take off and land itself, and it can fly where ever it needs to go on its own (using GPS signals as well as inertial guidance). And it can find and designate targets.

How much longer will military and commercial pilots have jobs? See Robotic Nation for details.

I know some may applaud this type of thing, but I do not. I consider AI based police and military equipment one of the most profound threats to freedom. Nor is it rampant AI that bothers me, it is the fact that a smaller group of people can control a much larger group of people via technology. Asking a small group of people to not want to enslave a larger group is like asking a parched grassland not to catch fire: it's against nature.
Thank Cindy Shehan. The cylons and skynet are coming because one momma cried her ass off on TV.

Once there are no humans on the battlefield war will get ten times uglier!
UAVs with civilian oversight and access to live video will become the norm.
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