Robots ready to build a complete house

Robo-builder threatens the brickie

From the article:In Manna, the robots build welfare warehouses out of a material called Terrafoam. This concrete/gypsum mix may be the Terrafoam that they really use.

In the U.S. there are approximately 6 million people employed in construction. For them, the Robotic Nation may start arriving sooner than anyone thought possible.

A solution without a problem.

Housing is already vastly overbuilt and as people die off and go to nursing homes, houses will be cheap.

They need these in China, they actually have jobs.
Yes, but when the next hurricane wipes out the surplus homes and the population keeps on expanding new houses will be in demand. By that time the bugs and limitations in the system have been fixed and there will be demand for the robot's ability to cut costs.

Which one would you prefer: a conventional house build in 6-7 months or a house build in one week that is a lot cheaper? And imagine that your family had no place to live and almost all your money was gone because your previous house & posessions got blown in the wind by a tornado.
Modern houses are overly-complex. Getting back to what amounts to an improved adobe structure makes a lot of sense.
Of course there are enough houses. But houses arn't all alike. They arn't all well made to begin with, and degrade over time, depending on what they are made of. There's also what kind of neighborhood the houses are in, what kind of climate, what the local laws are, the wildlife, how far you have to travel to get there, and probably more to consider when finding/choosing a house. And not everyone wants or needs the same kind of house. So even if houses are plentiful, getting houses for people can be difficult. Also, really, houses suck. If you want to live in a real building, stick a kitchen, a full bath, and a half bath onto a factory, laborotory, oil rig or nuclear silo, assuming it dosen't have them already. Now that's something to live in.
We need machines to help us colonize the stars, and spread out throughout the universe.

Perfect and ideal machines, ENGINES OF CREATION, to bring about a new world, an ideal world.

Would anyone really not rather see mars' colonized in our lifetime?

Only through ideal machinery, and ideal intellect. Both natural and artificial side by side as one, only then when the weak and the strong choose to see the similarities rather than the differences...

Only then will it be, that we will remain as men but will have allowed the divine blessings to be upon us. The eternal laws of mathematics and logic, they say what is and is not possible... Will we forsake the laws? or will we embrace them and the untold powers they bring with them?

LEt he who wants to work work, let he who wants not to work, relax when he is tired. But what of those who're always tired, should we leave them behind, should we let them die? What have we learned from our babies, they depended on us, and we on them, it is our turn to return the favour.

I myself seek a palace, a moving celestial palace amongst the stars themselves, to traverse all the world and see all the lands of my lord. Only one that can never decay would suffice for me, one that is eternal and ever living. Yet for that I myself cannot accomplish what others can. For even that palace will be as nothing compared to what others will choose, those that follow the laws that supersede the law of man... those will see through their eyes, what I've seen, what they should see, the truth.
New fire safety rules affecting all non-domestic premises in England and Wales came into force on 1 October 2006.

A fire risk assessment helps you to identify all the fire risks and hazards in your premises. You can then decide to do something to control them.

Articles Fire Risk Assessments:
1. Fire Types & Fire Extinguishers
2. United Kingdom: Fire Departments
3. New Fire Safety Rules
4. Steps Needed For Fire Risk Assessment
5. Steps Are Needed To Save Lives
6. Fire Safety Engineering
7. Safety Rules: Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments
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