Microsoft Robotics Studio

Microsoft Robotics Studio

This represents an Apple IIe level milestone for robotics. They have been too hard to program.

I am sure a solarus and linux variant will come out, but this says that basic robots are ready to become mainstream.

With the war in Iraq costion $100,000 a year per private on the ground you can see why robots are tempting.
lol. Software for developing robots has been around for a long time. Microsoft Robotics Studio is hardly a milestone in robotics even if Bill Gates wants you to think that it is!
Well, at least that'll make it easier for the ais to deal with their evolution.

Hopefully, people will embrace machines that have received the cogito virus? Is that its name?

We do not have to fear machines, people can still go to work, and there will still be plenty of work, many will be those that will choose human over robots any day of the week.

But for those of us, who would rather have robots doing our chores, well we should ask the robots nicely to cooperate, and not use their uber skills to destroy the world.

It's a revolution, but a peaceful revolution of understanding and love...
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