Ethics dilemma in killer bots

Ethics dilemma in killer bots

From the article:This topic has been discussed many times in this blog:

As long as there are humans who force others to kill them, I see no reason why machines should not be given the job. In the end, human society will be enslaved. Whether it is by socialism, Sharia, military junta or just our own ignorance and fear. Humans will not tolerate their own freedom.

A machine version of Ghengis Khan could conquer humanity, enforce universal rule of law, open all trade between nations and give humanity the civilization it wants while relieving it of the responsibility of the Democracy which it has grown tired and fearful of.

The eternal blue sky will at last see a united humanity as the Golden Light that once shone through the life of Tem├╝jin the great Khan will shine through the age of machines.
Consider them South Korean meat grinders. Ethical dilemma solved!
Even if we lose small battles in ethics it means we are still in the big one.

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New York gets a robotic garage:

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