The rocking motion when she bows is amusing, and sad, and shows how far we have to go with the basics, but the fact is that her face looks real on first inspection.

More Fembot video

Forget the day you discard your body.. try the day you discard your spouse!
For better or more likely for worse, I think the company that makes RealDolls will be the first to make a widespread humanoid robot for consumer use. Any discussion of these realistic androids inevitably moves to the subject, so it's not hard to see where buyer demand will be coming from.
I am surprised Marshall is already relegating this technology to the status of "sad" tech! it seems to me that once a robot becomes attractive to a consumer market, it doesn't matter if it is as "sad" as the Model-T was back at the turn of the century, the race will be on. Developers should focus on things that could help the elderly and infirm retain their independence, like taking out the garbage, mowing the law, shoveling snow, carrying groceries and keeping house. It can bypass the problem of language and still be useful.
RealBot may still be available for trademarking... ;)
RealDoll? They look fake compared to the AIdolls. See http://aidoll.4woods.jp/english/index.html for some seriously scary stuff, including a pair of young sisters! Is it pedo if they were never alive? :-O
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