Microsoft Sets Its Sights on Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Sets Its Sights on Robots and Artificial Intelligence:

"Microsoft released the preview version of a software toolkit for building robot applications today, pledging to ignite the robot market in the same way it did the PC market some 20 years ago. The software maker sees robotics as being on the verge of a rapid take-off, fuelled by the availability of cheap, high-performance hardware components. But the market is being held back by a need for better tools and a common software platform that will let applications be reused on different types of robots, according to Microsoft."

Whoever uses the Microsoft robotics materials, should also please run Mind.Forth Robot AI in Tutorial mode so as to evaluate the recent AI breakthrough and to demonstrate the deep thought processes of the artificial robot Mind to whoever may be interested in the Technological Singularity.
So the robotics industry is in the same state the computer industry was in around the late 70's or early 80's now. Assuming MS tries to turn this into the Windows of robotics (which is a strategy that has obviously worked well for them in the past), this could be either a major spark or something that just fizzles if MS drops the program due to a lack of third-party development and demand.
Not sure about "Apple II" yet- we're not yet to standardized home robotics yet. This is part of getting there- the software side of it. But we need the components that meet the specs, and have them for sale to enthusiasts, before we're at that Apple II level, in my book. I'd say that day will be ~2008-2010.
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From an admittedly very quick look, I feel that Micro$oft Robotics Studio (MRS) is yet another overkill .Net application -- similar to their .Net website platform which assumes (and requires) that every website is of the microsoft.com scale.

This could be ok for the professional robotics industry (assuming they see more benefit from adopting MRS platform, than they loose by abandoning their diferentiating features). But MRS is currently pitched to Lego users.

I give M$ 12 months to drop Lego, re-target MRS to the robotics industry as a high-end tool, and add a US$10K price tag.
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