Speedy robot legs it to break record

Speedy robot legs it to break record: "A two-legged robot that walks at record-breaking speed has been developed by researchers from Germany and Scotland.

'RunBot' is the fastest robot on two legs - for its size. At 30 centimetres high, it can walk at a speedy 3.5 leg-lengths per second. This beats the previous record holder � MIT's 'Spring Flamingo' - which is four times as tall but manages just 1.4 leg-lengths per second."

There are a couple of videos available in the article.

OK, this 'bot is simply not as dextrous or advanced as the military's "Big Dog" project. It looks like a robotic version of Jack Skellington.
Hi again Marshall
I think you should see this!
WTF does an inflatible produce conveyor system have to do with Robotic Nation? Meh!
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