Big Brother cleans up crime in New Jersey town

Big Brother cleans up crime in New Jersey town: "Lenox Avenue in suburban East Orange was long a hotbed of drugs and gun mayhem and one of New Jersey's toughest streets. But Big Brother has cleaned it up.
Police here say that thanks to new technology there has not been a single violent crime in almost a year on a street where the notorious Bloods gang sold $10 hits of crack cocaine and drive-by shootings were once commonplace.
Now high-tech cameras and gunshot sensors are mounted at each end of Lenox Avenue, and on many other East Orange streets. "

What I almost didn't notice and wish had been highlighted:

"And a "Virtual Community Patrol" allows residents to view panoramic still pictures of their block and report crimes to police using their home computers"

...wow: The community helps do the policing, themselves..!
It's New Jersey... Anyone has to guess who the higher level criminals are??

Find the mafia and shoot them...
The community provides the best policing... but then again, if the community is full of criminals... ;)
This is politically unpopular, but at some point a gang becomes a standing army and must be removed.

Lincoln didn't send the Manassass police to arrest the Confederacy. He shot them.

Until we can menatly decern a soldier and a criminal they will run amuck.
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