Taco Bell kiosks

These photos show a kiosk system being tested at Taco Bell here in NC:

Crazy Taco Bell Automated Ordering

In Robotic Nation these fast food kiosks are discussed in some detail. With kiosks becoming ubiquitous in airports, stores and other public places, it seems like only a matter of time before they invade fast food establishments.

I wonder if you can get your order with extra grease now? ;)
For a number of years now Sheetz gas stations (which have a full kitchen that is basically a complete fast food resteraunt) have been using a touch screen system for order taking. The service on these is actually quite remarkable and only one person is needed to run the entire operation.
If you ever eat out at fast food places, and I'm hoping you don't for your sake, this could be a good thing. Now the last step is to replace the skin cell and hair follicle dropping part of the system...
Thanks for sharing this! Would you happen to know anything about the bell - durham centre? Any insights would be great!
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