Robots writing speeding tickets

Photo Radar Citations Begin on Loop 101: "Civil speeding citations are now being issued in Scottsdale to motorists who trigger speed cameras on the Loop 101 Freeway within the city's boundaries...

The average volume on the freeway is about 150,000 vehicles per day on weekdays and slightly less on weekends. During the first 30 days of the warning period, cameras detected speeds over 76 mph an average of about 770 times daily on weekdays and about 1,400 times daily on weekends and holidays.

All citations issued on the freeway will be processed by the Scottsdale Police Department and referred to the Scottsdale City Court. The total cost for a typical speeding citation is $157. "

Is this really a robot? Or just a sensor? I mean, the cameras aren't slapping tickets under the wipers as the cars leave the intersection.
Scary. Maybe now that robots will be playing the major role in enforcing the law people will pay attention to their legislature more often. Probably not, though.
It's a sensor, Al.

This blog is about the Robotic Nation. Sensors are a big part of that.

This blog is not exclusively about robots.
States what easy ways to get traffic ticket money. I expect to see rfid in license plates as standard. Then roadside sensors can hand out tickets left and right.

It has nothing to do with safety. It has everything to do with funding every whim of unrestrained goverments.

It also lets insurance companies make more money by raising rates.

It is a sick conspiracy.
I'm sorry, but strictly speaking, this story once again takes this blog off topic. If Marshall is trying to piece together some new thread about us losing our personal liberties, or the nonsense about the Australia Project, start a new blog, because this is so peripheral to robotics it's not even funny.
Yeah. I only want to hear about robots that have two legs, two arms, two eyes, a robot brain in the head, and make beeps and bloops to speak.

Anything else, and yerrrrr out!

We're going to fire you, Marshall Brain, we're going to fire you! We're going to say, "You want to hear about real cybernetics technology? You want to hear about a real "Robotic Nation?"

Well, don't go to Marshall Brain's blog! It's about nothing but, ... um... like, sensors, and laws, and stuff...

...not man eating Death robots from the Jungle!
That's funny. Thanks.
I guess you can think of this system as a ticket mailing robot. I think traffic cameras have been around for several years though.

If this blog is more about the world we're moving towards than specific robotic stuff, that's cool. Thats a great topic.

How about a robot that clunks legislators in the head whenever they approve of stuff like this?
How bout this one for evidence. Catching car thieves with plate recognition.
Functionally these systems make sense. There are tons of people speeding, and this will provide a way to catch, what seems like, all of them. No bias in who gets pulled over, no breaks for cute Hooters girls (my girlfriend can attest to that!)

There is a differance between humanoid-robots and robots. I'd say the eyes are the camera, the brains are the computers processing the images to the driver database, and the hands are the printers printing tickets and envelops. The robot processes information in its enviroment based on input, and then modifies its enviroment.

I think this is exactly the kind of tech Robotic Nation relies upon -- computerization and automation of every area of life.

If we don't like speeding tickets, lets get rid of speeding laws, but these measures are probably the most effective way to catch speeders -- and of course generate revenue. But if you choose to speed, you are agreeing to be fined.
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