Couple's implant chips take love to a new level

Couple's implant chips take love to a new level: "Jennifer Tomblin and Amal Graafstra have made the most modern declaration of their affection for each other, with implanted electronic chips that allow them unfettered access to each other's lives.

It's called Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID. Both have had a small electronic chip embedded under their skin that grants access to each other's front doors and home computers.

The system works like a key-card. A simple swipe of the wrist across an electronic sensor, and they're in."

What the hell does this have to do with "robots"? Marshall, you are losing focus, you tend to post panicky fearful of the future stories a lot, innit?
Dear Anonymous, Marshall hasn't lost focus, you need to read Manna to understand where he is coming from. Basically to arrive at Marshalls prediction of the Robotic nation, as well as Robots getting better, humans lifes have to become more intergrated with technology and too that end this artical fits.
Exactly, this is more of a blog about the robotic nation story than about robotics. Human/computer interfaces are a big step towards the australian system.
Hi Marshall
I want to show you ning.com
I saw it recently. It seems fairly new and haven`t read anything in your blog about it yet.
Don`t you think this web has the potential to turn down the tables again on the world of blogs, user defined content and socializing through the internet in general?
And another question, I haven`t had time to read carefully the website or their conditions, but in case that your chosen application is successful, do the visitors/advertising revenues belong to the site creator or to Ning?
I think this kind of applications can be revolutionary...
Hi Marshall,
If Phidgets USA and Trossen Inc. strongly advise against implantation of their RFID tags into humans, then I wonder why Graafstra didn't use VeriChip's RFID tags? VeriChip Corp. (subsidary of Applied Digital) has a human-implantable passive RFID microchip that was cleared for medical use in October 2004 by the F.D.A.
Since Marshall has already stated he does not believe in God/Jesus/etc., how does he respond to the accusations that implantable chips are the next step toward Armageddon, and the Mark of the Beast? Is he for this or against this?
Hi Back_Ache-
It's unclear whether Marshall actually is for or against the Australian system, but it seems more likely he is for it, what with the exercise without thinking about it and all. LOL!
The couple in the story are deluded. This kind of "security" feature obviously puts them in the way of great bodily harm should anyone desire to rob or kill them to gain access to all of their "secure" belongings. I'd rather just give up the credit card or smart card and live than have my implanted chip violently removed.
Sounds like somebody out there is still awake! -- blzbob
The blog is ROBOTIC NATION EVIDENCE, so whatever Marshall wants to tag as EXIBIT N, is allowable if remotely relevant. I personally enjoy how he plucks the news indicatory of the days to come.

"Mark of the beast" talk is a bit of a stretch... but of course, one mans interpretation doesn't prove any sort of validity to 1900 year old documents of questionably accuracy and origin.
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