Cars Chat and Park Themselves

Cars Chat and Park Themselves: "Normally, automobiles in the parking lot of SBC Park remain more or less stationary. But this week, cars are communicating with each other, parallel parking themselves and employing automatic, radar-based braking."

Combine that with:

Four vehicles finish in $2 million robot race

and this:

Robotic cars drive themselves (in 2008)

And you see that cars will be completely autonomous in just a decade or so.

Yeah, this has been around in different forms in Japan for a couple of years (not available to the public, though, just in test cars) at Toyota. It's great that it's moving forward now.
It's probably going to take an irrationally long time for the switch to be made to self driving cars. Logically you would think that the switch point would be when they drive safer than we do, but in fact we crash into each other a lot, and it's my feeling that people won't accept that sort of performance from a Mere Machine. We'll have to wait until they drive way way safer than any human. It still could take less than a decade. <3
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