Binocular vision

nDepth Processor and Cores

From the site:As vision systems get better and better, robotic functionality will increase dramatically. See Robotic Nation for details.

The uses for this technology boggle the mind. In their press release Focus Robotics mentions a similar but vastly inferior technology used currently by the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Future rovers and orbiters enabled by this new technology could offer scientific returns many orders of magnitude beyond present probes, with much less overhead. For example, future orbiters could decide for themselves when to take images requested by scientists back on Earth based on continuous analysis of the planetary surface with their "eyes" and knowledge about their coordinates in relationship to the planet. This would automate much of the operations work currently required.
Okay, I will probably wear out my welcome here, but another possible use of this technology is user recognition by your desktop computer. You look at your computer, your computer looks at you. There are obvious security benefits, but I wonder what other killer applications for your desktop this technology might allow? The PCI kits are only $1500...expensive but likely to fall rapidly.

I can see it now. Future desktop computer checklist: Got my graphics card. Got my sound card. Got my vision card, smell card, and haptics card. Where is my ESP card?
Richard, It is impossible to wear out your welcome...
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