Robots and NASA

There are several NASA robotics projects getting recycled into the news feed right now because of all of the discussion about the Hubble repair robot.

For example, the NASA info droid was announced as early as July 2001 and is now being discussed again in this Wired story because it is just about ready for deployment. From the article:See also this page.

Of course, you don't really need to provide astronauts with PSAs if all the astronauts have been replaced by robots. The Hubble repair robot is a great example of that trend. So is NASA's Robonaut.

NASA offers this page summarizing the Robonaut idea:An "astronaut equivalent" is, of course, an "astronaut replacement". Imagine how much simpler, smaller and lighter the space shuttle or the space station would be if it did not need to house human astronauts or provide them with life support. See Robotic Nation for details.

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