The arrival of the robotic hospital

It would appear that we are about to witness the arrival of the robotic hospital. For example, there is more news about doctors using tele-operated robots:

Robot doctor gets thumbs-up from patients

The doctor controls the robot from a console:

From the article:Meanwhile, at the hospital's pharmacy, robots are now delivering medicine to the nurses:

Advanced Technology Allows Robot to Steer Around Obstacles and Call for Elevators

From the article:So now the robotic pharmacist can pick the medicine out and hand it to the robotic delivery robot. Soon a robot will take medicine directly to the patient.

Combine this with the previously mentioned automated intensive care unit.

Combine it with the previously mentioned robots for physical therapy.

Combine it with the tele-robotic surgeons now emerging in the operating room.

This is all rather remarkable when you consider that, just a year or so ago, hospitals had zero robots. We are about to see an explosion. See Robotic Nation for details.

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