The future of robotic police

This short, highly realistic movie shows us one vision of the robotic future of police: (If the movie is broken, try this page for a mirror)

The movie shows a single robot. Imagine instead hundreds of these robots policing in groups to protect one another and provide insurmountable force against the humans around them. Imagine hundreds of robots communicating instantaneously with each other through wireless networks, sharing and integrating views of the battlefield and seamlessly coordinating their activities.

One interesting anthropomorphic artifact in this movie is the fact that the robot has only two eyes. The robot is constantly turning its head to see things. That will not be the case in when real robotic police and soldiers arrive. They will have eight or ten pairs of eyes arranged around the head to provide a complete 360-degree stereoscopic view at all times. There will be no "sneaking up behind" a robotic police officer, especially with multiple robots integrating their views with each other.

The following article explains why such a future is not that far away:From the article:Also:Welcome to the Robotic Nation.

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