Other Unemployment Pressures
Business Week: Corporate America's Silent Partner: India

From the article:And:This trend will continue to unemploy millions of white collar workers (software developers, engineers, designers) over the next 5 to 10 years.

There is also this article: CNN - The real boom

From the article:There is also this article: Money magazine: Vanishing Jobs:What is happening here is a "perfect storm" of unemployment. The loss of manufacturing jobs combines with the loss of white collar jobs and the loss of jobs to robots to create economic stagnation, and then massive unemployment, in the U.S. Meanwhile, corporate executives concentrate massive amounts of wealth.

In Robotic Nation I discuss the fact that robotic replacement of workers will not be the only form of unemployment pressure. It combines with this "irreversible mega-trend" of off-shoring. And it combines, as discussed in Manna, with the Wal-Martization of wages (e.g. - California grocery store strikes), to create a gigantic minimum-wage working class in the United States. This minimum wage class becomes massively unemployed with the arrival of service sector robots starting in 2015.

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