ASIMO came to Raleigh. Here's a short video to show the capabilities of this robot today.

ASIMO represents the state of the art in 2003, and it is spookily anthropomorphic when you see it with your own eyes. It is configured so much like a human being, and moves in such a human way, that your brain automatically ascribes human qualities to it. Note how the announcer in the video says, "Way to go ASIMO!", and note how the robot leaves the stage with its arms raised and the audience cheering.

10 years ago a humanoid robot like this was impossible. Think about the capabilities ASIMO will have 10 years from now. In 20 or 30 years, when ASIMO merges with a computer that has CPU power approaching that of the human brain, we will have created a second intelligent species. The economic ramifications of this new species will be remarkable, and we should start planning for it now.

[Postscript: On December 18, Sony announced that its QRIO humanoid robot can now run and jump. Click here and here for details. Photos and movies here.]

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