Robotic Education
New champion of fire safety: a robotic dog

From the article:From this ad:One very common rationalization used to argue against the Robotic Nation is, "Human beings will never let robots replace humans in the workforce, especially in areas like teaching." Yet here we have robots interacting with kindergartners as the preferred means of education -- robots are better than humans at teaching fire safety to children.

This will be true in every area of education. Robots and computer-based video training will be more entertaining, more energetic, more "kid friendly", much more consistent and far cheaper than humans in the classroom. Human teachers will be just as vulnerable during the robotic revolution as everyone else.

The same will be true in day care centers. For example, Disney now has a wireless animatronic robot roaming in one of its amusement parks:

This article offers several other photos. This article also has a nice description. Right now these are not intelligent robots -- they are operated instead by humans using remote control joy sticks. But as robotic intelligence advances over the next 20 to 30 years, these creatures will become intelligent, autonomous beings.

Where would your child rather go to day care -- to a center staffed by bored teenagers and 20-somethings with minimal training and not a lot of interest, or to a center staffed by Barney the purple Dinosaur and his friends, all programmed to be constantly happy, caring and interested all day long?

Would teenagers in high school rather be taught physics by a human, or by a robot who looks like Albert Einstein? Would they rather be coached in PE by a human, or by a robot who looks like and plays like Michael Jordan in his prime? The choice is obvious...

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