Robotic AI using Neural Nets
Artificial Development To Build Biggest Spiking Neural Network

From the article:So, in 2003, we have supercomputers running at 5 teraflops. Applying Moore's Law, we would expect to see machines that are 1,000 times bigger than that in 2023. That means a machine with 5 petaflops, 1.5 petabytes of RAM and 80 petabytes of disc space.

In other words, in 2023 we will have inexpensive supercomputers with the power of the human brain.

By 2043, supercomputers will have the power of 1,000 human brains. Inexpensive desktop machines will be running at 5 petaflops, and we will have inexpensive autonomous humanoid robots with the equivalent brain power of a human being. See Robotic Nation and Manna for details.

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