Produce Picking Robots
Researchers announce watermelon picking robot

From the article:First its watermelons, then it is strawberries, then it is pumpkins and so on. Before you know it, several million migrant farm workers are out of work.

This is certainly not unusual in agriculture. We already have wheat picking machines, corn picking machines, cotton picking machines and so on. The important point with the watermellon picking robot is that a robotic vision system is the enabling technology. As these vision-based harvesting robots come on line, there will also be vision-based retail stocking robots, vision-based hamburger assembling robots, vision-based bathroom cleaning robots, vision-based truck driving robots, vision-based roofing robots and so on, all coming online at approximately at the same time. Tens of millions of workers will be displaced simultaneously. See Robots in 2015 for details.

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